[LYF] Legio Infanati
International Gaming Community

Estimated 2013 in the game PlanetSide 2 - In Nomine Auraxis Democratia Libertas

International Gaming Community

LYF was founded in 2013 as an Planetside 2 Outfit on NC Miller. Nowadays we are a Gaming Community with members from all over the world. Our main goal is having a laugh playing games together. Over all the years of digital togetherness, countless friendships have developed. Several community meetups in different countries with numerous activities, adventures and sights are simply a part of LYF. Wanna be a part of this? Join us!

Logo of LYF

Official [LYF] Shop

Check out the official Shop from Legio Infanati. Here you can find the coolest shirts and hoodies with the LYF PlanetSide 2 logo and our community logo.

Contact Us

You want to join us or see your good ol' mates? You can find us on discord or write us an email.